This blog is about the actions of a company with millions of 3rd party vendors world wide, and how it affected my activity. I believe my responsibility is to share what I learned from my years as an Amazon vendor, tell my story, and make sure I testify. I am confident it will be helpful to someone, and enlightening to others.

While I recommend to start from the beginning – An Amazon’ Crash Course, and read from there, you can jump to specific topics as follow:

An Amazon’ Crash Course (dealing with a bully), or the most probable reason why SellerCentral Support is so often absolutely useless.

A case of questionable incompetence – AHSA (also highly suspected as) Abuse of power to grab entire market segments.

Amazon GmbH (Germany) –  Lost Goods? Playing dumb and denying everything as an all-round policy is a winning strategy.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just help myself! Making the seller understand that he’d better lay low and not challenge Amazon – Pretend errors and take over 10,000 dollars worth from his bank account (and don’t reimburse him for months).

Making a mockery of Justice. Playing the law because you can afford it (and the seller cannot). A tale of absolute disregard to the most basic truth and ethics. Know what it will cost you!

Not giving up. Everything else from 2022 onwards. I will do my best to timely publish anything relevant (and everything important) that comes my way from Amazon or the Court, because I am fairly certain this information will matter to someone in a similar situation. I very much doubt I am alone. If this blog helps just one reader, it will be worth it. Feel free to comment in those pages.