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All communications from Amazon and the Courts.

Watch this space, for I will post all Courts documents, press articles, lawyer notifications and other emails that will come to me (after all, my case is still in a Judge’s hands). Whatever comes, I will post here.

I also intend to put forward key comments and responses if they bring clarification and can help others.

Repeating my personal call now, if I may. Motivated to tell your own case? Recognize the methods described here? Already know that Amazon will stop at nothing to prevail, without morals or shame, and will blatantly lie to crush the truth every single time? Step in. Tell us about your situation, explain how you got screwed. Your case is in the legal system? Tell us. Details are usually publicly available if we get the references! Small vendor or ex-employee, legal justice is one route, but the press and the court of public opinion is definitely another. Those stories can possibly change things, staying silent means victory for the bullies, and the guarantee that the abuse will continue. 

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Press Articles

A dedicated cover by the magazine Marianne in France, titled: Amazon, Public Enemy No1 (N°1235 – 13 – 19 november 2020) for a comprehensive coverage of various Amazon abuses.

My story is fully covered here.

English version (computer translated) of this article available here.

Another dedicated cover by French Magazine L’Obs (Nouvel Observateur, No 0228 from 09 December 2020). Large article putting Amazon on Trial.

I am mentioned here

And in the main article here (the full article is a paid version)

English version (computer translated) of the free article available here.


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